Business proposal specialists

The effectiveness of your business proposals ultimately determines the success of your business. When tendering for new jobs, you will drastically fail if your proposal is late, or does not meet the requirements of the potential customer. Lateness or providing proposals with missing or incorrect information is unforgiveable, and a sign of extremely bad business practice. Failure to submit a proposal on time or to a satisfactory standard can leave your company with a poor reputation, and this will jeopardise your ability to get future orders later on in life.


Completing a variety and large quantity of proposals is never easy. When you are set to such strict deadlines, and have to adapt each one to meet a set of unique and complex criteria – it is easy to become frustrated, and give up. Do not despair – help is at hand!


B Metzler have become experts at helping businesses submit proposals. We not only work with companies to help them complete a range of proposals when required, but we also offer resourcing in the form of expert staff, to help them win business from a range of different sources. Not only are we happy to educate you, but we can also offer manpower if requested.



When offering manpower, we understand this is often only a temporary solution. If your company is inundated with potential business, but you do not physically have the resources to match the range of proposals required, this can also be a major problem. How can you earn money to employ staff, if you are not winning the proposal to begin with? It can easily and quickly turn into a negative spiral – leaving you wishing you had more hours in the day whilst struggling to keep up with current workload.



Not only are we experts at advising how to successfully complete proposals, but we are also able to recommend IT solutions that can help you to become more efficient in the business proposal process. By showing you how your proposals can become successful, we can also recommend ways in which you can speed up the completion process. This saves you time, and helps to resolve some of the problems you have encountered. Visit for more info.


How to contact us


We are always eager to help out struggling businesses, and can be contacted in a variety of ways. Simply ring us, send a message via the ‘contact us’ screen, or email us, and we will arrange for a representative to come out and talk to you. During this initial consultation, we will be able to offer you a range of packages to suit your requirements. You may want some training on completing documents, you might want to hire some of our temping staff who will complete and submit business proposals on your behalf. Due to the different volumes of proposals we are used to receiving, the cost for each one is unique to your requirements. As such, a consultation meeting is required, to give you the most accurate estimate cost for the work.


How can you represent my company?


Our intuitive temping staff are happy to spend some time in your office, shadowing some of your colleagues, in order to gain an understanding of the business’s culture and philosophies. We recognise that every business is different, and when we submit your proposals, we aim to do so as though we are full time employees of your company. Therefore, the more time we spend shadowing your employees, the better understanding we get of how your company operates. When it comes to completing proposals, we aim to do so whilst under your roof (although for various reasons this is not always possible).