About Us

B Metzler consist of a team of business proposal specialists, and temporary members of staff who are experts at completing proposals on the behalf of different companies. We have worked with a range of customers, in a variety of industries and have the talent to decipher what requirements are needed on a business proposal.


Incorporated in 2000, B Metzler have worked with over 40,000 businesses and have grown exponentially since our incorporation date. We currently work with businesses across the whole of the UK, both on a consultancy and a staff-lending basis. We are building an impression reputation for ourselves, and have received lots of positive feedback from our range of customers.


All of our agents are fully trained in business proposals, and we require them to have a minimum of 10 years of experience in completing proposal documents. As a result, you can feel confident that the support and advice you are being given comes from people who are experts in their trade. If you meet the above criteria, and are passionate about helping businesses around the UK to win sales through their business proposals, we would love to hear from you as we are always taking on new members of staff. At present, we currently need some more agents within the east side of England; more specifically around Grimsby and Boston.


Although we do our best to win the bid for your business, we obviously cannot guarantee that the proposal we send on your behalf will be successful.